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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Christmas Tree

My husband and I drove to Allandale Farm in Brookline, MA. to buy our Christmas tree last Sunday.  
Allandale Farm is an old working farm, which dates back to colonial time. It is also a farmer's market, and sells Christmas trees,  wreaths, and ornaments during the holiday season.  We found ourselves a great tree, and brought it home to put in our living room.  The tree smells amazing, and our entire house smells like Christmas! 
We are just starting an ornament collection.  We have one from Neiman Marcus, which is a white golf ball, and another one from Anthropologie, which is a pair of ice skates. We also have a white angel that was given to us by my aunt.  I bought a white ball with a picture of Santa Clause on it from Allandale Farm, as well as two big red velvet bows.
However, our tree looked so bare with just lights and five ornaments!
My husband putting the tree into the stand

So I added candy canes!! They only cost $1.00 at CVS, and really helped the tree look more festive!
But, it was still not festive enough.  So, I went to Target and bought some colored ball ornaments, and it made a world of difference! Also, 19 ornaments only cost me $15.00! What a steal!
Now this is a great tree!

All we need now is a tree skirt, and a tree topper! I want an angel to top our tree, and hope to pick one up in Prague! What do you think of our tree?

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